Mel in ore, fel in corde.

Mel in Ore, Fel In Corde.

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Erica was meant to be Stiles’ love interest. Their chemistry didn’t work out alright and she was replaced by Cora, who was supposed to pop Stiles’ v-card. That was the core of her entire character when Adelaide was cast. As if that wasn’t fucked up enough, Stiles’ love interest got replaced once more - Malia and Stiles were supposed to have sex in Eichen House’s basement, which was the first time on the show they actually had interaction episode-wise. According to Dylan the original script of that scene was just full-on sex. Seems like Jeff thinks Stiles and Malia need to hook up asap before everyone notices she’s just another poor attempt to recreate the chemistry of Sterek because, heaven forbid, something like romance cannot exist between two main characters of the same sex. It’s almost disgusting how desperately female characters get forced onto Stiles just for the sake of taking his virginity, when the only characters that would make sense in regards of character/relationship development are Derek and Lydia.

oh, i don’t know. trying to replace something there?

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Sterek crack!AU: Stiles and Derek get caught “making out” in a car. The Sheriff could totally let it slip if earlier that day Stiles didn’t swore that he was absolutely not dating Derek Hale.

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